This was so much fun! And we are so thankful for all the applicants who asked to be brand reps... but we have closed applications for now and will introduce you to our amazing team...oh so soon!! They rock! We will let you know when we have another search blast!

Calling all tween and teen girls!!!! Exciting times!!!!! We are seeking brand reps for upcoming collaboration opportunities.

Who we want on our team:

You love being on camera, love the spontaneous, and most of all you love wearing SKIPWEAR clothes and promoting those clothes on all your social media. You want to change the world and have an interest in helping us with our social causes.

You are excited about promoting and selling SKIPWEAR products to your family, your community, neighborhood, school, friends, sport teams, etc. Let's have a SKIPWEAR party!


What’s in it for you:

- You’ll receive 50% off your first order

- You’ll earn 10% commission that you can use for future purchases

- You’ll get access to exclusive giveaways and promotions

- You’ll be given a private discount code to give 20% off to your friends 


What we ask for:

- Provide us with high quality, stylized looks on your instagram accounts with shoutouts.

- Use the following hashtags on each post #betweenbyskip #be/you

- Tag @skip_wear_ on all your posts

- Please post stylish, bright, professional shots that feature not just your unique sassiness, but the clothes. No excessive selfies that aren’t wide enough to see the clothes.


The Rules:

- We review all potential brand rep instagram accounts. We will only accept accounts that do not express hate speak, violence, or sexual content on their instagram feed.

- We need your parents consent if you are under the age of 18. If you are a girl under the age of 18, we will need your parents contact information and permission.


Want to skip with us?

Yeah, you do. Just follow us @skip_wear_ and shoot us an email with your info to:

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