Let’s get to know one of our newest brand ambassadors!!!!! This amazing teen has her own blog - - and is set to take on the world! Here are some more sweet facts about this Florida native!!!

1. 3 things I love? I love writing, sewing and broadway!

2. Zodiac sign? Libra

3. Favorite school subject? I love math! 

4. Favorite TV show? I absolutely adore Friends

5. Favorite color? Yellow or Cyan

6. Favorite Food? Chocolate! (Don’t even know if that counts)

7. How many siblings do you have? Two amazing sisters, I am the middle kid and proud of it!

8. Three places you want to visit in your life? Bora Bora, Rome, and Greece! (I would have Paris on there, but that is coming true this year!)

9. Favorite song? Perfect or Thinking Out Loud (both by Ed Sheeran)

10. Someone that inspires you?  Coco Chanel

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