About Portia


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Portia who spent her childhood dreaming under huckleberry bushes, playing kick the can, and building tree forts. All the while waiting for the ice cream truck to come and deliver the coveted frozen treats.

She grew up wanting to be a ballerina or a writer. She expected she would travel the world, marry her prince charming and of course be a mom.

Along the life path littered with stars and boulders (big and small - fodder for stories to come), Portia traveled the world, married an amazing man and even though they said it wasn’t possible, her days are filled with the laughter of daughter joy.

Still the ultimate dreamer and passion seeker, Portia yearns to make a difference in the world, teach her daughter to reach for the stars and help others make their dreams a reality.

About Janet

Not far away, in another land a girl named Janet was born. This self professed tomboy (with a love of pretty things…Yep! Already complicated, but oh so much fun!) spent her kidhood bringing home stray cats (much to her parents dismay, but secret joy), jet setted to even more distant lands with the family in a luxurious (well, as luxurious as it gets in the 70’s) tent trailer, and shared a passion for sailing with her dad.

She grew up loving 60’s music (still does), picked asparagus along the railroad (really?!), and wanted to marry Neil Diamond.

Neil Diamond has no idea what he is missing, but the grown up Janet has an equally amazing husband, as her buddy Portia, loves that she has her own tomboy daughter (who loves pretty things, yep here we go!), and is bringing her own 1968 flattop boler (no, not the hat) trailer to all it’s luxurious glory.