Let's just say that I was raised in what I call the "chemical age". When the ingredients of anything, (be it food or health products) contained words you couldn't even pronounce, everyone would rejoice. This must be good, we thought. We thought wrong. 

So as we now try to put good things in our bodies, I have been on the search for body products that we use ON our bodies...yes, that are natural, but most importantly DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO. Hard combination. But I did it. These three products are all you need. 



All natural vanilla bath and shower gel

A super concentrated, rich lathering bath and shower gel with a light vanilla scent that will leave your skin super soft, super clean, and super FRESH. 

Back to Earth


Body Lotion

Yum! With the delicious nutrients of organic vanilla beans, wild-crafted herbs, and 100% PURE essential oils, this body lotion is PURE heaven! This silky smooth ( not a greasy mess, like so many I have tried) body lotion promotes hydration, soothing, and healing of rough, dry, skin while leaving a beautiful scent on your skin for you, and all those around you to enjoy (come on! You know you want that!).



All Natural Deodorant

I have the magic bullet for you. In this house, we swear by it. Even the teen begrudgingly agrees (because no one wants to be reminded how stinky it can all be- nope not even I will go there - er...but it can get confusingly stinky, dontcha think? Right. See you eye roll. Not goin' there) to the genius of this beautiful product. Hear me roar: THIS IS THE ONLY DEODORANT YOU WILL EVER NEED IN YOUR LIFETIME! But you still need to bathe, girlfriend.